Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Dress Up Your American Girl Doll for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and little ones everywhere are already dreaming up what they want to dress up as. But why let the costume fun end there? If your tiny princess is a big lover of all things American Girl doll, you can extend the Halloween festivities to custom made costumes just for this line of dolls. There's everything you can think of, and probably more. Of course, you can also use your imagination to add some fun quirks to your child's favorite American Girl doll, to get each doll ready and decked out for the Halloween season.
Wee Line American Girl Doll Clothes offers a whole host of full costumes and outfits that can be purchased and matched with any doll in its line. There are spooky options like an adorable black and purple witch costume, and sweet offerings, like a baby pink ballerina costumes. You can of course buy these outfits online. Wee Line American Girl Doll Clothes offers quick and easy shipping, all in an efficient process. 
If your little one likes to keep her dolls dressed just so, she may not be too enthused about switching up an entire outfit. But that does not mean she has to miss out on getting her dolls decked out for the holiday. Wee Line American Girl Doll Clothes offers a wide range of accessories, some made specifically for Halloween and some not, that would all work to give a little costume flair to your child's traditional doll.  Or your child can dress her doll up in a pajama outfit for a slumber party costume. 
Think Outside the Box
There are, of course, other fun ways to get an American Girl doll ready for the trick or treat season. A zany hairstyle your daughter can do herself, complete with an orange ribbon, will do the job. Or help your little one practice some basic sewing skills to make a princess cape, along with a construction paper crown to turn that doll regal. Or, turn a pumpkin trick or treat bucket into a carrying case of sorts, placing the doll inside for your daughter to take along as she does her trick or treating on Halloween night.
Celebrating Halloween with an American Girl doll is a super fun activity for little ones. After all, what girl isn't attached at the hip to her doll? By helping your child get her doll ready for the holiday, you're adding an extra fun layer to Halloween. It will make for a Halloween to remember, and one your daughter is sure to be talking about for years to come. Just make sure to have that camera ready, as you will most assuredly have a number of prime photo opportunities ahead of you that you will want to take advantage of. Happy haunting!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Find Your New American Girl Accessories

Find Your New American Girl Accessories
Ask any well-dressed doll and she'll tell you that accessories make the outfit. American Girls are about so much more than fashion, but they love a new pair of shoes just as much as the young lady of the house. Here at Wee Line, every American Girl can find that perfect purse, lovely leggings and all kinds of wonderful additions to keep her wardrobe fresh and stylish. We're proud of our unique collections, and we know that you'll love them too.
Special Shoes
Little feet deserve the right footwear for all seasons and occasions. Summer time play is always cooler in flip-flops accented with silky bows and flirty flowers. A rainy afternoon calls for a pair of red plaid galoshes in faux patent leather, and chilly feet warm up with fur-lined boots sporting a leopard print or glitter finish. Dolls love to play outside, so colorful crocs are definitely on the list of outdoor footwear. Casual days call for the classic tennis shoe, and our all-star line comes in a rainbow of colors from hot pink to navy blue. Tiny cowboy boots are perfect for kicking up a good time, and we even carry beautiful ballet slippers for your favorite doll.
Handy Purses and Totes
From school days to sporty outings, a great backpack makes doll life a little more portable. Our zippered models are crafted with loving care and feature sturdy shoulder straps to keep everything in place with a cheerful plaid or paisley pattern. This handy accessory is also available in a pink and purple peace heart design that makes a lovely fashion statement. Our bucket style totes are also ideal for transporting all of American Girl's favorite accessories. Dressing up calls for the perfect purse, and our collection rises to every occasion with the shimmer of a delicate ruffle trim. These sequined bags are available in two shades of pink, the purest white and classic black.
Pretty Personals
Never underestimate the personal power of the right undergarments. A variety of pretty prints decorate our line of panties designed especially for that favorite doll, and each pair is topped with a lovely lace trim. An adorable assortment of soft socks are sure to keep tiny feet warm with miniature hearts and flowers, and your budding ballerina will love a pair of white tights to match her dancing slippers. Leggings are one of a doll's must-have accessories, and we've made ours special for casual wear or dress up. From basic warmers in coordinating colors and snazzy stripes to fancy fabrics with a special sparkle, these leggings put fun and style into every outfit.
Even More Accessories
A little bling goes a long way, so brighten up that American Girl's wardrobe with a beautiful beaded bracelet that she can share with your princess. Accessorize with that latest smart phone and tablet for an extra touch of color, and complete the ultra-cool look with a pair of pretty sunshades for extra star power. Good grooming always counts, so we offer several tiny hair brushes ideal for touch-ups before topping off any look with one of our darling hats or caps. From beach balls to ice cream cones and even hangers for keeping that wardrobe nice and neat, all your accessory adventures start right here.
We carry all the little extras that put playtime fun into your young lady's American Girl experience. Most items also fit Bitty Baby, and we even have selections for Bitty Boy and Bitty Twins. Enjoy browsing, and be sure to take a peek at our line of darling doll furniture. It's all for your little princess from our Wee Line store with love.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ways to Get American Girl Dolls for Cheap or at Least for Less Money

Over the years we have acquired dozens of American Girl dolls.  We use them for models for our shows and for our website.  This would break the bank for us if we were continuously purchasing them from American Girl.  Over the years we have heard some great ways for people to save money when getting a doll.  First of all, many people choose to start with a similar doll.  There are many that are the exact same size as American Girl, but for a fraction of the cost.  This is nice because if you acquire clothing or accessories over time, they will still fit an American Girl and the similar doll.  Target offers a great alternative, My Generation Dolls, and you can also find alternatives at Toys R Us, Meijer, and FAO Swartz.  But what if you only want the real thing.  You can always try going to garage sales, but your odds of getting one there are slim.  Most people either go to the house the night before in attempts to purchase them, or get there an hour early just to wait for the doors to open!  You usually never know the condition ahead of time, nor which ones they will have.  Another way is to check your local craigslist.  They are more expensive than what you would pay at a garage sale, but many times your time and sanity is worth it.  Make sure to meet up at a public place though!  If you live near Wisconsin, you can also get tickets for the American Girl Benefit Sale that is held in Middleton every July.  These are the REAL dolls, new and in their boxes.  They range from $65-$95 on Saturday and $35-$65 on the second day!  This also requires a lot of time to either camp out or get there early, along with some thick skin and ability to push your way through a crowd because it is crazy!  Lastly is the easiest way.  This is Ebay.  You can view all the dolls ahead of time and always have thousands to choose from at any given time.  I would suggest buying the dolls in the "off" season though which is January-September.  After that you start competing with the Christmas crowd.  Any route you go though I'm sure your little one will be happy with her new doll!  Good luck and happy hunting.

Don't forget to visit us at for all of your American Girl Doll needs.  Also features Matching Girl and Doll Outfits and Bitty Baby and Bitty Baby Twin Outfits.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

American Girl Company Saying Goodbye to Felicity

Yes it is true.  At the end of the year, American Girl will be retiring Felicity.  I most definitely understand that companies must evolve and consistently change their product in order to stay afloat and or grow.  This time it comes at the expense of my first and only American Girl.  I was older when Felicity came out but still thought that she was really pretty and  represented a big part of my life, after all, my parents made clothes for American Girl from the very beginning.  She only sat on my bed for a couple of years and looked cute, before being donated to the family business for a life long career as a model.  She will always represent to me an exciting time in my life, and a new direction for my parents business.  I will be sad to see her go.

It is a true representation of how things are evolving.  My parents used to sell all of the historical period pieces, but even before the Girl of Today doll came out, kids wanted more modern clothes for their dolls.  The historic dolls and their clothes are great, and how American Girl made themselves different from every other doll manufacturer, but are now finding their way to the back of the magazine, back of the closet, etc.  Good bye Felicity.  Thanks for the memories.

This week we will be adding some new matching girl and doll outfits to .  We have several leggings and shirt sets and new pajamas sets.  Also adding hats, necklaces, and bracelets to keep your doll looking trendy!  Hurry, stock is limited on many items.  Order early.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

American Girl and Bitty Baby Outfits at

I am loving the new styles we have at .  We have great winter outfits and jackets for bitty baby and american girl.  We are also featuring Christmas pajama's for little girls with matching doll pj's!  Now until Christmas we are offering free shipping with $100 or more purchase.